Maasai Large Vintage Necklace


Elizabeth travelled to East Africa and spent time with the Maasai tribe in their villages. She handpicked this piece directly from the women who made it.


The Maasai tribe of Africa is well known for its traditional handmade bead jewelry and dates back hundreds of years.  Maasai women set aside time every day to meet and work on beaded jewelry which includes colorful necklaces, bracelets, and pendants. The practice is done specifically by women, and it’s considered their duty to learn beadwork. Initially, Maasai women used dried grass, sticks, clay, seeds, and shells as materials to make the traditional ornaments. Over time, they began using attractive beads made of plastic and glass that they obtained from other communities through trade. There are a number of different colors used in Maasai beadwork, and each one holds a special meaning: red signifies blood, bravery, and unity. White represents health, peace, and purity. Blue is the color of the sky and represents energy, and green is the color of grass, which signifies the land and production. Black represents the people and the struggle they must endure. Yellow symbolizes the sun, fertility, and growth, and orange represents warmth, generosity, and friendship.

A Collection of Found items from Twine & Twig Travels



Please reference diagram to best gauge the necklace length. Necklace falls approximately 22"- 40" with tassels

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