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The Origins of Twine & TWIG

In 2013, sisters Elizabeth Stafford White and Jacquelyn Stafford Tugwell combined their passion for the outdoors and the serene atmosphere of North Carolina's coastline to establish Twine & Twig. The brand's jewelry collection is a reflection of their love for natural beauty, their Southern heritage, and their travels around the world. With exceptional precision and expert artistry, every Twine & Twig creation is uniquely handcrafted in Charlotte, NC, showcasing distinctive materials sourced from various regions worldwide. The brand's signature suede strap is meticulously tied by hand to each necklace, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. In the past decade, Twine & Twig's presence has expanded to hundreds of stores across the globe, garnering attention from national media outlets and gracing the necks of a few celebrities.

Meet the founder

Get to know Elizabeth

Elizabeth White, one of the dynamic forces behind Twine & Twig Style, is not your average business owner. As co-owner alongside her sister, she is also mom to three adorable, growing kids (and one cute Aussie!). In addition to her boundless energy and creativity, Elizabeth has a penchant for curating incredible tablescapes and cheese boards, showcasing her impeccable eye for design and a talent for making everything look orderly and chic. Known for her love of hosting gatherings, Elizabeth infuses warmth and charm into every event, adding a personal touch that reflects the essence of Twine & Twig's lifestyle brand. With a passion for travel, she has played a pivotal role in transforming T&T from a startup jewelry line to a flourishing and inviting lifestyle brand.

Meet the Founder

Get to know Jacquelyn

Meet Jacquelyn Tugwell, the other sister and visionary force behind Twine & Twig Style. With a blended family of four kids and two basset hounds, Jacquelyn brings a unique and enriching perspective to the company's vision. Her creativity and innovative spirit help define the brand, with a special focus on philanthropy that reflects her commitment to making a positive impact. Outside of work, Jacquelyn starts her day with yoga, can be found scouring local record stores, and enjoys the vibrant energy of live music with friends. Her multifaceted approach to life seamlessly weaves into the fabric of Twine & Twig, shaping it into a brand that resonates with authenticity and purpose.

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