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Twine & Twig incorporates philanthropy into the core values & culture of our brand. Our philanthropy record reads more like a diary because we choose causes that affect us personally and are near and dear to our hearts both medically and environmentally. In a digital age where it has become so easy to give money through social media outlets, we are excited to offer a unique and tangible way for our customers to be a part of our mission. Our hope is that these pieces will be a conversation starter about different philanthropy objectives as well as becoming a symbol to remember your good deed. To date Twine & Twig has donated over $50,000 to a variety of charities and organizations.  

T&T Giveback Pieces

a look into some of our most memorable donations + volunteering


Driven by a profound love for animals, Twine & Twig extended support to the Houston SPCA during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. A percentage from every "Bark Scarf" sale was donated to aid the animals impacted by the hurricane.

make a wish

In a profound journey fueled by personal experience, Jacquelyn opens up about her daughter Banks' challenging battle with a benign brain tumor. They found solace in supporting others facing similar circumstances through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The heartfelt effort culminated in raising $15,000, fulfilling two children's wishes.

everything but water

Joining forces with Everything But Water, Twine & Twig proudly introduced the Water Collection to address the escalating health crisis confronting our global oceans. A meaningful collaboration with a purpose, 25% of every item from this collection contributed to the 5 Gyres Institute—a non-profit dedicated to reducing plastic pollution.

clt strong

T&T raised over $2,250 to feed the front lines through CLTSTRONG, an organization started by a local nurse with help from close friends. The proceeds were directed towards supporting hospital staff and local restaurants, demonstrating a commitment to community well-being during these challenging times.

Lowcountry land trust

Elizabeth and Jacquelyn take immense pride in unveiling the Low Country Collection featured in the Garden & Gun Feb/March 2018 issue. In memory of their late grandfather, a dedicated shell collector, they crafted a limited run of 100 unique necklaces. Instilled with a childhood appreciation for life's simple pleasures and nature's beauty, the collection aims to preserve the very environment that inspired it.


The Leukemia stack stands as a poignant tribute to Elizabeth and Jacquelyn's mother and grandmother. Rooted in the values of giving back, the Twine & Twig Trio Stack Bracelet, launched during Leukemia Awareness Month, donated 100% of its proceeds to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Breast Cancer

Twine & Twig aligns with charities fighting breast cancer, channeling their support towards Novant Health Cancer Care Center. A profound initiative to serve the uninsured and underserved women within the community, last year alone witnessed the provision of 500 free mammograms. To further the cause, 15% of all proceeds, coupled with a symbolic gesture, allowed customers to pay it forward by gifting a symbol of strength and hope to those impacted by Breast Cancer.


The Foundation For Tomorrow (TFFT) is a non-profit organization located in Arusha, Tanzania, dedicated to addressing vulnerability through the transformative power of education. TFFT's mission is to secure quality education and emotional support for orphaned and vulnerable children, empowering them to reach their full potential and thrive in their communities. In February 2023, Jacquelyn and a group of women embarked on a journey to Africa, undertaking a half-marathon up Kilimanjaro. The funds raised from this initiative were instrumental in the construction of a well at the Learning Center.


Inspired by the journey of friends embracing their authentic selves, Elizabeth and Jacquelyn introduced the Rainbow Bracelet to support the Time Out Youth Center. Dedicated to providing vital programs and safe spaces for LGBTQ youth, proceeds from this vibrant bracelet directly contribute to fostering acceptance, community support, and advocacy.

Widow outreach

Ashley Manning from Pretty Things Charlotte has been able to increase the number of recipients in the Charlotte area each year and even help organize outreach projects in other regions. We have donated over 500 bracelets to go towards gift boxes and our team helps put them together and deliver to recipients each year.


With an enduring appreciation for the arts cultivated by their mother, Elizabeth and Jacquelyn launched the Splattered Collection. A portion of sales was generously donated to Arts for Life, ensuring that creativity, discovery, and joy find their way into the hands and hearts of children who need it the most.


Partnering with PaddleLKN and the Surfrider Foundation, Twine & Twig designed a trio stack mirroring the colors of the lake. Every penny from these bracelet proceeds was dedicated to the Stand Up Paddle Board Fundraiser, PaddleLKN, and the Surfrider Foundation.

BVI Relief

In collaboration with the Harris sisters, Twine & Twig created bracelets to support the BVI Relief Fund, aiding the British Virgin Islands in rebuilding homes and spirits shattered by Hurricane Irma. The entire proceeds from these bracelets, reflecting the memories of the beautiful Caribbean, were devoted to this charitable cause.

friendship trays

Friendship Trays has received valuable support from Twine & Twig in the past. Addressing food insecurity in Mecklenburg County, thier efforts benefited over 200,000 individuals, including hardworking families, children, veterans, and seniors. They provided nourishing meals and groceries, aiming not only to meet immediate needs but also to create a community where consistent access to food promotes health and well-being.


Aligning with the belief that lifting one woman at a time lifts entire communities, Twine & Twig highlights Together Rising. Throughout March, 100% of the proceeds from the Together Rising stack set are dedicated to this organization, empowering women and effecting positive change.


Rooted in their North Carolina upbringing, Elizabeth and Jacquelyn designed the Trio Stack Bracelet Set to raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Florence. The entire proceeds, a full 100%, were donated to the NC Disaster Relief Fund, embodying resilience and community support.