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Tides Collection

Tides Collection

Introducing the Twine & Twig TIDES Collection. From the hues off the coast of Belize to the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas and the impeccable blue-green shades in the seas around Thailand - we cannot help but be drawn to these incredible blue tones. We could watch the range of blue hues come in and out with the tide anywhere in the world and be in complete awe of mother nature's canvas. This eye catching capsule will give you the beachy vibes you've been dreaming of all summer with its use of recycled glass and pops of turquoise. 

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Layered Classic Necklace | TidesLayered Classic Necklace | Tides
Layered Classic Necklace | Tides Sale price$ 185.00 USD
Mid Shell Pendant Necklace | TidesMid Shell Pendant Necklace | Tides
Mid Shell Pendant Necklace | Tides Sale price$ 150.00 USD
Tribal Classic Necklace | TidesTribal Classic Necklace | Tides
Tribal Classic Necklace | Tides Sale price$ 90.00 USD
Intricate Stack Bracelet | TidesIntricate Stack Bracelet | Tides
Intricate Stack Bracelet | Tides Sale price$ 55.00 USD
Single Stack Bracelet | TidesSingle Stack Bracelet | Tides
Single Stack Bracelet | Tides Sale price$ 20.00 USD
Sold outThin Seed Bracelet Set | TidesThin Seed Bracelet Set | Tides
Thin Seed Bracelet Set | Tides Sale price$ 80.00 USD
Stacked Single Bracelet | TidesStacked Single Bracelet | Tides
Stacked Single Bracelet | Tides Sale price$ 30.00 USD
Mid Shell Necklace | TidesMid Shell Necklace | Tides
Mid Shell Necklace | Tides Sale price$ 160.00 USD
Shell Necklace | TidesShell Necklace | Tides
Shell Necklace | Tides Sale price$ 165.00 USD
Stacked Classic Necklace | TidesStacked Classic Necklace | Tides
Stacked Classic Necklace | Tides Sale price$ 175.00 USD
Layer Necklace Set of 6 | BarcelonaLayer Necklace Set of 6 | Barcelona