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Styling with Twine & Twig

No gatekeeping here, New monthly videos to get the latest tips from Elizabeth + Jacquelyn

Elizabeth and Jacquelyn express their unique styles, mirroring their personalities, life moments, current fashion preferences, timeless wardrobe essentials, and trending fashion. A significant aspect of Twine & Twig lies in the art of styling jewelry to complement an outfit, and our devoted followers appreciate insights into achieving the complete look. Explore below for styling tips, layering techniques, preferred shopping destinations, as well as neutral and colorful ensemble ideas.

Join us in the realm of style partnership:
We delight in collaborating with brands, showcasing and styling their clothing alongside our jewelry. Additionally, we cherish collaborations with influencers who bring a fresh perspective to styling our jewelry, showcasing diverse looks. Social media collaboration is integral to our identity, and we find excitement in working with fellow creatives to share and inspire. Email for partnership possibilities.

For Earthy, sophisticated + Timeless pieces

Shop E's Favorites

Style Tip: Invest in pieces that never go out of trend. Elizabeth loves to collect items that she knows she will wear years down the road!

For Bright, Unique + Eclectic Pieces

Shop J's Favorites

Style Tip: Jacquelyn loves to layer in unique finds from vintage stores!

Twine & Twig Style TIPS

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